Michael Hobdell Director of Photography

Nikon, The Guardian and Pi Studios team up on documentary exploring the different ways brides experience marriage

With all eyes on the upcoming royal wedding, a new documentary gets to the heart of four weddings that are just as extraordinary, for very different reasons. Nikon has teamed up with The Guardian and WE ARE Pi’s premium entertainment arm Pi Studios, to create a new documentary called Four Weddings. Focusing on brides’ wedding days from the UK, US, Romania and India, this landmark contemporary look at marriage unpacks the different ways global societies treat love, relationships and brides. All shot on the Nikon D850.

The documentary looks at the shifting perceptions of marriage around the world, examining what it means to be a bride in 2018. It explores how the couples met, what their relationship means, what their future holds, and how their marriages relate to the challenges they face.

It’s not just Prince Harry and Meghan’s union breaking convention. Four Weddings features a US Army soldier discharged from Iraq who overcomes prejudice by following her heart rather than her head; a terminally-ill British woman unsure of the future; a young Romanian bride debating what community means today; and a self-assured Indian woman who turns the idea of arranged marriage on its head.
The Four Wedding documentary is part of Nikon’s wider European Wedding campaign, which will run across markets including the UK, Germany, France and the Netherlands, with digital and social content, product films, the Nikon website and PR.